What's New in Flexi 19 - SP3

Adjust ICC by color mapping. (For Subscription)

Allows ability to for color mappings to be specified and stored within the profile. This feature allows users to specify output colors for certain colors (similar to Object Color Control), but instead of replacing just those exact colors, they are applied to the color correction object which adjust the adjacent colors within chosen range.

  • From Setup menu in Production Manager select Color Profile Adjustment. Select ICC profile you want to adjust. Click on New and specify input and output colors and range.

Apply OCC mappings to similar color. (For Subscription)

After selecting color to be mapped you can now specify to Apply mapping to similar colors within specific range of the selected color.

Preview Output Channels. (For Subscription, Traditional and Flexi DyeSub)

Enables you to preview specific ink channels including spot like White and Varnish

Preview Contour Cut Line in Production Manager (For Subscription)

Jobs that contain Contour Cut Line have option to preview Cut Line in Job Properties dialog. Cut Contour preview is not available is print and cut jobs are sent as separate jobs from Rip and Print, contour line cut not available for nested images.

Option to send jobs to print in order they are added to the Production Manager or in order of the job names (For Subscription and Traditional)

Available under Setup Properties dialog box


What's New in Flexi 19

New features for Flexi Subscription and Flexi traditional license

Crop Marks for Manual Trimming in Designer

Automatically setup visual indications around your artwork to easily know where to trim the print. Trim Mark tool is under Effect menu. Has option for mark type, mark length, mark thickness and margin

Pantone Fine Tune

Achieve the optimum color every time using Pantone Fine Tune to adjust spot colors to ensure color accuracy. The Pantone Fine Tuning Tool is found under Setup Menu in Production Manager (Setup>Optimize ICC for Pantone). In the Profile Optimizer you have an option to select ICC profile to Optimize, Select Pantone Color Library and add to the list Pantone colors to optimize for. In the second step after printing the chart you will use your color spectrometer to scan the chart. Profile Optimizer will display Delta-E for each color selected and Maximum and Average Delta-E. After saving the results you can do Next Iteration to optimize profile even further.


A game changer, for long run production that are more prone to interruptions. Print a ruler along artwork you’ll always know where you left off. Especially for textile printing and long runs. Ruler can be found under Labels and Marks in Rip and Print window and under Job Properties in Production manage. You have option to control position, Width and Thicken of the marks, Mark intervals and number of the intermediate marks.

Print Copy Counter

Confidently always know the number of copies that’s been printed within a job in case of interruptions.

Copy Number Counter can be found under Labels and Marks in Rip and Print window and under Job Properties in Production manage. You have option to control position, width, distance from the job and how often to place Copy Number.

Automatically Nest Multiple Files

A new and improved nesting feature that automatically merges multiple files that are simultaneously added to the queue without the need to manually select each individual file and then nest files. Simply check Nest Jobs check box in Add Jobs Dialog Box.


New features for Flexi traditional licenses. Those features are already part of Flexi Subscription licenses


Cleaver by Path Tool in Flexi Designer

This allows the user to use paths as cleaver tool, which means a user can draw any path (Bezier, freehand), position the path over the object and choose to split the object into two objects following the path:

Vector Eraser Tool in Flexi Designer

The new eraser tool that works on vector objects. Drawing the eraser tool through vector object would result in the below example.

Page Contour Cut Mark in Flexi Designer

This new feature can be found under the Effect menu. Page Contour Cut Mark allows the user to place registration marks relative to the edge of the selected media. Media would be the selected page size. The user can first place the registration marks without objects and then fill the page with contour cut objects.

This makes it easier for sign businesses to collaborate with their customers where the design and the cutting happen in two different locations. The sign business using Flexi can use this feature to make a blank page file with the registration marks already placed. Then the second location Designer can then fill up the page with objects that need to be cut and send that back to the sign business that does the cutting

Grouping of vinyl color and layers by Driver Options

This feature sorts colors or layers by their selected cutting condition. For example, all colors or layers that have Cut Fast will be sent to cutter first, then all the ones with Cut Slow, etc

o Cutting order by layers and cutting by layer

Option to assign different cutting condition to each pass

Auto tile and smart nest to Cut/Plot dialog in Flexi Designer

In case an object is bigger than the media, the parts outside of the media will be tiled off automatically and nested with any available white space to conserve the media.

Interleave Copies in to Cut and Plot dialog, Tilling Tab

This feature describes a different method for treating multiple copies of tiled objects.

With interleave option on, the tiles stay together, more resembling the below screenshot.

Color Profile Analyzer in Production Manager can be found under Setup Menu

For advanced color users, this new diagnostic tool displays ICC profile properties, color spaces and measurement data (for profiles that still contain their measurement data). The PDF report provides comprehensive profile information for the color expert.

ICC Media profiling wizard to Production Manager traditional license

The new profiling wizard makes the process of color profiling a new media much easier. By printing and reading the Linearization swatch, the wizard automatically calculate the ideal single ink limits and ink split from measurements, taking much of the guesswork out of media profiling. The Multi-ink Limit and Characterization steps are the same as before.

Profiling Wizard is under Setup Menu in Production Manager.