Printing and cutting using a 3rd party RIP

Adding a contour cut path

  • Open your design
  • Add a contour cut path by selecting the design, and choosing Effects and then Contour Cut.

  • Adjust the distance from the object to the contour cut path using the handles or in DesignCentral
  • Click Apply


If the design is a bitmap, you may need to make the background transparent so the contour cut path goes around the object instead of around the bounding box of the bitmap.

To do so :

  • Select the bitmap and choose Effects and then Make Transparent.
  • Set the tolerance in DesignCentral
  • Click in the background to select the area that needs to be made transparent
  • Click Apply

Adding Registration Marks

  • Select the objects with contour cut path
  • Choose Effects and then Contour Cut Mark
  • In DesignCentral, select the desired Registration Marks

  • Click Apply

Printing the design to your Desktop Printer

  • Make sure your printer is ready to start printing
  • Click File and then Print

  • Click OK

Contour cutting the printed job

  • Load the printed sheet into the cutter
  • Click the button

  • Click the Send button

The cutter will start looking for the registration marks, and when done will cut the contour cut path.