Cutting your first job

The following are some basic steps to make your first cut job

  • Open Flexi
  • Draw some objects

  • Click the Cut/Plot icon.

On the General Tab

  • Make sure your cutter is online and vinyl is loaded
  • Click the poll size button to retrieve the size of your media

If you do not see a poll size button, it means that your cutter does not support this feature. In this case, select a material size from the list or enter a custom size.


On the Options Tab

  • Select Weed Border, Horizontal Split Lines and Vertical Split lines

These will create additional cut lines that will make it easier to peel off the material.

  • Select the color of your objects and click Edit

This displays possible settings of your cutter

  • Select a method, such as Cut Slow. This will set other features of your cutter like pressure and speed.
  • Click OK to apply the new method
  • Make sure that your cutter is ready to take jobs and click the Send button.