Using Workspaces

Workspace stores how and where menus, buttons, commands, and keyboard shortcuts are defined. By changing the Workspace feature, you can rearrange the software's interface to look more like the design software you are most comfortable with.

To change the workspace, from the File menu:

  • Point to Workspace.
  • Select the desired workspace.

To customize your workspace, from the File menu :

  • Point to Workspace.
  • Click Customize.

This opens the Workspace Editor, which allows you to customize shortcut keys for Menu Commands and Tools. All the default shortcut keys are displayed.

  • From the drop-down list, select Menu Commands or Tools.
  • In the Command column, navigate to the desired command and select its Shortcut field.
  • Enter a key or key combination to assign to the new shortcut.
Shortcuts can contain a single character or a combination of a character and Shift, Ctrl and Alt.
  • Click Undo to revert to the previous shortcut.
  • Click Clear to remove the assigned shortcut.
  • Click OK.