Setting up Flexi to print with the Epson SC-S X0600 series

Once the printer has been connected to the computer by network connection or USB connection, install the latest communications driver as well as the Epson Control Dashboard. The installers can be downloaded from the Epson website.

Installing the communications driver

Installing the Epson Control Dashboard

Adding profiles to Flexi, using the Epson Control Dashboard

Launch the Epson Control Dashboard

Select a slot and register the printer to it

The printers will now be available in the home window & will display the status of the machines:

Select a printer model:

Here you can access the media settings of the machine, where you can download emx files and load them on to the machine:

Here you can select and download media settings:

Select the emx file on the left & the slot you want to load it in on the right, then hit apply:

The only remaining thing to do now, is open the default job properties of your printer in Flexi, navigate to the printer options tab & hit the “download ICC” button:

After this, navigate to the color correction tab and you will notice that the ICC profiles have been downloaded from the printer:

If the printer is connected by USB, when you hit the download ICC button, it will prompt you for the location of the ICC profiles.

The location: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Epson\Control Dashboard

Select the emx files for your printer and hit open. Afterwards, you can select them under the “Color Management” tab.