Installing the software on a computer with no internet

Some production computers have no access to the internet. Installing a license on an offline computer is possible but will take a few additional steps. This process will involve copying files back and forth between a computer with internet and the offline computer.


You will need : a USB memory stick with 1 GB of free space

  • At the end of the download, click No to the question if you would like to start the installation process now.

  • On your desktop, locate a folder that starts with the name SAi_Installer
  • Copy the contents of this folder to a USB memory stick and take it to the offline computer.
  • Insert the Memory Stick and double click the autorun.exe to launch the Installation Wizard
  • At the end of the installation, License Manager will automatically detect that it has no connection to the internet.

  • Write down the computer ID

Or : Click Copy Computer ID to Clipboard and paste it in a text file that can be saved to the USB memory stick.

  • Write down the name of the offline computer.
  • On the computer that is connected to the internet, in click the "License Manager" cannot connect link :

  • Type in the Computer ID and the Computer Name of the offline computer and click Create License Now

  • Click Download License

  • Save the license file (*.lsn) that is downloaded to the USB memory stick.
  • Insert the USB memory stick into the offline computer and click Import License File in License Manager.
  • In the Open dialog box, navigate to where the license file (.lsn) is located.

The message "License successfully imported" appears in the License dialog box.

Note: If you select an incorrect license file, the message "The new license is not compatible with the existing license. License was not imported." will appear in the dialog box.

  • Click Next to return to the contents of the original License dialog.